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Hallo zusammen 👋😊
Wir sind teilweise 24h fleißig dabei die Seite von Tag zu Tag weiter zu optimieren, Bugs zu entfernen und neue Features einzubauen.
In diesem Developer-Blog wollen wir euch regelmäßig & transparent über Neuigkeiten von jamtoo.de informieren.
Da wir bei jamtoo.de ein internationales Team sind und so alle mitlesen können ist dieser DEV-BLOG auf englisch. Passt hoffentlich, oder? 😊
Liebe Grüße, Euer Flo

----DEV-BLOG (EN)-------

BUGFIX: Fixing undefined offset issue from debug log and for ideaboard.
BUGFIX: Fixing translation template file POT debug log bug.
BUGFIX: Fixing admin dashboard variable: x debug log bug.
BUGFIX: Fixing zoomTeacherForward debug log bug.
BUGFIX: Fixing requestCheck debug log bug.
BUGFIX: Fixing utils debug log bug.
BUGFIX: Fixing users.id debug log bug.
TASK: Adding string locator direct link in the menu for admins.
TASK: Moving email refactoring from REF to PROD.
TASK: PROD & REF code sync.
TASK: Coding an approval reminder email.

TASK: Housekeeping on the REF environment.
TASK: In ClickUp: Closed the 🐜FIXME-BUGS list, opened the 🎛️ADMIN-DASHBOARD list.
BUGFIX: Fixing a scheduler problem on the REF environment.
TASK: Running full regression test on REF.

BUGFIX: Closing 5 FIXME bugs within our code on REF.
TASK: PROD & REF code sync.

TASK: PROD & REF debug log cleanup.
FEATURE: Changing lead time for booking from 6 days to 2 days.

BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixing listing issue 1 (page 2 problem).
BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixing listing issue 2 (consider availabilities).
BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixing listing issue 3 (after filtering).

TASK: Coding new feature to monitor if emails were sent or not.

TASK: Refactoring of email module.

TASK: PROD & REF debug log cleanup.
TASK: PROD & REF code sync.

TASK: Cleaning up our debug log in PROD.
BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixed an issue that the title of the gig was missing in the gig overview.
TASK: [prep of R4] Changed email linking to /meine-termine now.
BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixing error when going to /meine-termine.
BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixed issues with stripe test accounts.
BUGFIX: [prep of R4] Fixed issues with stripe Account ID retrieving.
BUGFIX: Fixed SQL warning while creating stripe onboardin with stripe Account ID retrieving.
TASK: Sychronizing our REF environment with our PROD environment.
BUGFIX: Saving or changing availabilities (=Verfügbarkeiten) was not able for 1 week. This is fixed now.
TEST: Successful e2e test for teacher Release 3-to-4 (availabilities + stripe).

TASK: Go-Live with R3! 🚀
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with listing status that has triggered emails that listings are expired.

BUGFIX: Issue in our listings logic. Rollback at 13:00 CET to the data base state from 09:00 CET. Updates between this time should be repeated.
ADMIN: Adding series id to "MEINE TERMINE" section for admins
ADMIN: Adding jt_listingHide option in admin dashboard

TASK: Cleaning up our debug log in PROD.
ADMIN: Adding links to this dev blog for our team members to directly jump to the tickets.
FEATURE: Adding this dev blog to the footer.
BUGFIX: Successful test of VAT problem of invoices. Finalizing stripe for Release 3 🚀.
TASK: Implementing a listing filter logic to hide teachers with an incorrect setup. Finalizing hivepress listings for Release 3 🚀.

FEATURE: New site "LEHRERGUIDE" online. Accessible via the link or in the footer.
BUGFIX: Users that were not logged in were redirected to a login screen instead of seeing the normal home screen.
Along with this issue, we had to revert the page to a version from 09:23h CET. Changes made from 09:23h till 21:00h had to be reverted. In case of you were doing any changes in the meantime, please do them again. Sorry for the inconvenience!
BUGFIX: Fixing VAT % problem of invoices (still in testing mode).
TASK: Implementing the config files for Zoom, Stripe & Emails for PROD & REF.

ADMIN: Big refactoring of the whole site. RegTest successful, but potential side effects to be monitored.
BUGFIX: One side effect identified. Temporary, today, teachers couldn't see or change their gigs ("MEINE ANGEBOTE"). This was fixed.

TASK: Starting this DEV-BLOG 🚀




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